The Cheshire Union Gifts  & Antique Center   and    THE COMPANY STORE

Managed by Dory Romanowski

We are so excited to feature so many of our talented Local Artists!
Bristol Hills Jewelry
Christine Buchard
Deb Meek 
Lorraine Frelier 
Linda Starkweather 
Dee Lucitte 
Lisa Bigwood
Melody Delfs
Michelle Garlock
Shirley Place
Thomas North
Mary Terziani
Patricia Miskell 
Carol Pankratz 

Gretchen Henry 
Guyette Studios 
Rikki Van Camp
Tim Northrup 
Mattie Bicknell 
Liza Barnum 
Julie Bertram 
Barb Rathbun

Paintings, Printmaking and Note Cards
Darryl Abraham 
Helen Edinger 
Allison Weeden 
Jenna Fava 
Rena Nease 
Tara Tiberio 
Barb Jones
Deb Schmidt 
Howard VanBuren
Joscelyn Sarkis
Joan Brown
Roberta & Keith Kappel
Dory Romanowski
Amber Romanowski

Local Authors & Handmade Journals
Mark Holden
Ray Henry 
Nancy Lynch 
Edward Hazzard 
James Brewer
Nancy Lane
Nance Wiley
Trina Clickner

Fiber Art  
Dianne Murphy 
Deborah Hamilton 
Joan Hoeffel 
Mary Jo Shuler 
Molly Becker 
Peggy Farrell 
Sharon Ward
Donna Beck
Ginny Andrus
Nancy Goodnow
Peggi Heissenberger
Tracy Altieri
Tina Fess
Terry Kelly
Cherry Hill Quilters
Golden Oak Alpaca

Hand Painted Furniture, Signs & More…
Lake View Studios 
Roberta & Keith Kappel 
Barbara Jones Hoag 
Joan Brown   
Russ Gardner
Mary Murphy
Anne VanPatten
Jeanne Gridley
James Empey 
Chuck Bartash 

Ceramics and Glass
Mary Terziani 
Seneca Ceramics
Stephanie Marshall  
Diva Originals 
Kathy Sullivan

Specialty Food Items
Arbor Hill
Naples Brand 
Maggie’s Mustards
Hill N Hollow
​Tealicious Trendz
The Gourmet & Chocolate Marketplace

Scented Oils, Candles & Soaps
Bristol Sky Scents
Naples Creek Soaps
Amber Reifsteck
Darcy Elias
Have you seen our Artists' Loft?
We have 8 local artists who have their studios right here at the Cheshire Union!  Come say hello and check out their hard work
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